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Alfred Vilayleck

Electric Bass

Alfred started to play music with his brother David in rock- bands at 12 years old. He learned jazz music and improvisation with guitarist Serge Lazarévitch and since then he kept on playing all kinds of music with passion and sincerity.
As a bass player, he crossed the road of musicians such as Ari Hoenig, Julien Lourau, Eric Barret, Joel Allouche, Hugues Mayot, Franck Vaillant, Stéphane Foucher, Laurent Blondiau, Guillaume Orti, Michel Massot, John Tchicaï, Philippe Renault, Jean-Marie Frédéric, Vittorio Silvestri...
He also played with world-music projects, wth Ahmed Fofana, Cherif Soumano (Mali) and Fethi Tabet (Algeria) ; electro music with Projet Lafaille, and contemporary music with saxophonist Radek Knop from Poland and contemporary ensemble " La Passerelle ".
Alfred is a founding member of Collectif Koa in Montpellier (France) where he organises every year a festival and invited and worked with musicians such as Magic Malik, Fabrizio Cassol (Aka Moon from Belgium), Steve Coleman, Marc Ducret, Jim Black, Dave Liebman...
He is actually leading The Grand Ensemble Koa (9 musicians) and is co-leading bands such as Gratitude Trio (with Jeroen Van Herzeele & Louis Favre), Peemaï (Hugues Mayot, Franck Vaillant, David Vilayleck). He also keep on playing with bands such as Melquiades (led by Matia Levrero), les Metis (led by Jean-marie Frederic)...
He performed in many nice places in Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, England, Switzerland, Italy...), New-York, and Africa (Marocco, Mali, Burkina-Faso, Mozambia, Malawi...)
Alfred is a soundpainter formed by Walter Thompson, performing and teaching in many projects. He also teaches jazz, rock and improvisation at the Conservatoire de Montpellier (France).